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Safety Climate In Commuting Safety Management System

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Ida Safinar Aziz

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Jurnal 2013

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commuting accident, road safety, commuting safety management, safety, Malaysia.

Commuting accidents among workers has long been considered as one of social responsibilities to the Malaysian Government. Multiples bodies concern on commuting safety have been formed within the government departments, private agencies and voluntary organisations. A Commuting Accidents Prevention Plan then was formulated by Social Security Organization (SOCSO) to give an attention to road safety research programmes, commuting accident outreach programme, safe riding and Commuting Safety Management (CSMS) in Occupational Safety Management System (OSHMS). However there were no specific guidelines on how to execute Commuting Safety Management (CSMS) in Occupational Safety Management System (OSHMS).This paper review a present status of commuting accident in Malaysia using the statistics provided by Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) and give a several suggestion on how effectively to embed Commuting Safety Management System (CSMS) in Occupational Safety Management System (OSHMS). Implementing CSMS is only the first step towards systematic management road safety management; the management must promote a safety climate to influence the safe behaviour that have been label as a major contribution of commuting accident. Therefore, future research should examine the role of dimension in safety climate that believe have a significant with commuting safety such as management commitment, worker participation, safety training, reward systems and work pressure.

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