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Teacher Autonomy In Integrating E-learning In English Language Teaching & Learning Is Sufficient Attention Given?

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Jurnal 2014

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This paper discusses on teacher autonomy in integrating e-learning in English Language teaching and learning. Though e-learning is constantly being debated on various issues, it is continuing to emerge. So, it is no more a question of whether to accept e-learning in English language teaching and learning process but a matter of how to implement e-learning effectively. In relation to that, teacher autonomy is a fundamental aspect as teachers are the implementers of e-learning tools in teaching and learning process. With the short history of research into teacher autonomy in the field of second language learning, the researcher sees that it can positively lead to learner autonomy in the usage of e-learning in English language learning. Hence, the degree of teacher autonomy among language lecturers in the implementation of e-learning should be paid adequate attention to realize the institutionís vision. This paper focuses on the role and challenges of teacher autonomy particularly in utilizing learning management system (LMS) for language teaching purposes. Additionally, the pedagogical implementations of teacher autonomy in English Language teaching and learning are also presented in the paper.

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